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What you should ask other video producers

Ask them, “What is the most important part of a video? What makes your videos successful?” My answer would be the story. If you had just the transcript of the video itself, would it have the same impact? How does the video aspect impact the message?

What you should know before starting a video project

Know the answers to these questions: What is your objective? What does a successful project do for you? How do you measure that success? Where will the video be shown? What audience do you want to reach? And bring 3 pieces of inspiration that help illustrate what you would like produced.


I typically request half payment up front and the rest of the payment on completion. Invoices are sent electronically and can be paid online or with a check.

How it works

I start by getting to know the customer and their project with a phone call. We tend to work things out over the phone and then finalize in an email. As the event or shoot date approaches, I send details and any questions that I have. We have a phone call the day before just to make sure that everything is set to go. After the event or shoot date, I send a summary email detailing how it all went and the expected completion dates for editing afterward. I tend to have quick turnarounds (less than 2 weeks).


I formerly worked as a video producer at an online education video company. I have degrees in Broadcast Media and English Writing from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. Throughout my experience at the university, I worked with video and photos in the marketing and communications department and interned at two large video production companies.

Why I do it

I love writing. Adding imagery to the narrative is another level of storytelling that gets me outside meeting people and using my camera.

Who have you worked with?

I have done work for marketing departments, startups, television personalities, and a fitness gym.

Favorite project?

I enjoyed conducting several interviews on a set of promotional videos for Land Warrior CrossFit. The confidence and positivity of the people there really smoothed out the editing process. It took 1 week after the shoot date to deliver the videos.