How to Take Real Estate Photos During COVID-19 as a Real Estate Agent

Real estate photographers are not considered essential services during the global COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, many real estate agents who rely on photographers for high quality home photography have been left to fend with just their mobile phones. Is all lost? No. To clear the air, yes, the photographer’s off-camera flashes enhance colors andContinue reading “How to Take Real Estate Photos During COVID-19 as a Real Estate Agent”

Corona Journal Day 11

Last week on Wednesday and today, I had video calls with my family. Prior to the outbreak, we kept in touch through text and occasionally called. But video chat? They say distance makes the heart grow stronger. How about a pandemic? Homesickness comes when there’s a greater sense of fragility in one’s family. I reallyContinue reading “Corona Journal Day 11”

Corona Journal Day 9

Another job today. More guilt. More jobs cancelled. Plenty of Purell was dispensed. I have this strong image in my head of the client, who is in his 60s, reaching out and giving handshakes to everyone while saying he “believes in handshakes even in these times.” I was the only one who didn’t shake. IContinue reading “Corona Journal Day 9”

Corona Journal Day 7

Don’t touch anything! I visited a client’s location for photos today. Great pains were taken to keep everyone well over 6 feet from each other. I opened just one door and did it with my jacket sleeve. The guilt is strong here while taking photos. If I wear gloves and take dozens of precautions, amContinue reading “Corona Journal Day 7”

Corona Journal Day 6

Physical therapy day! Let’s get personal here. Not really. As someone who spends a lot of time at a desk and behind a heavy camera, I have inevitably gained a few bodily quirks that require a physical therapist. As a car needs a mechanic, I need someone to tell me my hips are misaligned. Let’sContinue reading “Corona Journal Day 6”