Task Force

Each year, the National LGBTQ Task Force hosts the Creating Change Conference, a gathering dedicated to promoting the rights of the LGBTQ community. This project is the feature recap and promotional video of the 2019 Creating Change Conference in Detroit, Michigan. It is hosted by Yuval David.

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CrossFit Gym

Land Warrior CrossFit Gym is based in Enfield, Connecticut. They wanted a promotional video highlighting why people should join the gym. For this project, I interviewed four gym members and gathered footage of their gym classes. With the goal in mind, I then selected the best sound bites from the gym members and put them […]

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Campaign Ad

Informing viewers about the values and plans of a state representative is┬ánot always easy on a social network. People are engaged in other activities on Facebook or Instagram. Their attention is elsewhere. In dealing with an economy of attention on social media, videos must be interesting. Clear. Concise. Any fraction of a second that does […]

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The client, CCASL, wanted a promotional video for their Community Engaged Learning program. From interviews with five people, I assembled a script and edited a video that highlights how the program helps students and professors open their minds to the community.

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Beauty Doc

In this project, I edited footage that a crew had shot in downtown New York City. The task was to turn over an hour of raw footage into a 6-minute social-media friendly video about people’s thoughts on beauty. One of the neat things about this project was that the crew bumped into Mark Cuban, the […]

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