Corona Journal Day 6

Physical therapy day! Let’s get personal here. Not really. As someone who spends a lot of time at a desk and behind a heavy camera, I have inevitably gained a few bodily quirks that require a physical therapist. As a car needs a mechanic, I need someone to tell me my hips are misaligned.

Let’s go over some quick hits from what I remember.

  • I stayed inside my car after arriving because an elderly woman was getting out of the car next to me.
  • A man exiting the liquor store by the PT office was carrying a 24-pack of Corona beer. I bet it was for one of those “Corona parties” that people are having.
  • The PT informed me that the office will be shutting down for a few weeks to clean up and keep their customers (clients?) safe.
  • At the office, I made a great effort not to cough, clear my throat, or rest my face in one of their undoubtably clean pillows.
  • All everyone could talk about in the office was the emotional impact of the virus on businesses and work.
  • Every surface that I touched was almost immediately cleaned with something from a spray bottle. Even the yoga balls!

The PTs in the office were emotionally exhausted after having a long morning discussion on whether or not to shut down the business for a period of time. It’s hard for them because their customers (again, clients?) depend on them for regular checkups and adjustments.

The PT gave me a longer appointment than usual today.

March 19, 2020

Corona Journal Day 3

I brought a bottle of hand sanitizer. Frequently, while using the bathroom, I’d think about how who last touched the sink and how I could escape the room without touching a surface that someone else had touched. Methods used were paper towels on door knobs, wrists on the sink faucet, and elbows on the soap dispenser.

We broke at noon to order lunch. Matt brought out a menu for a Chinese restaurant down the street and we spent a few minutes picking what to eat. He called, but got no answer. The restaurant was closed. Google Maps showed it as open. That was different.

While he went off to find food, I headed over to Wendy’s for a salad (FYI Wendy’s salads don’t taste like fast food). The person who took my card and handed me the food wore gloves. I can’t remember if she had on a mask.

Nuggets were disappointing.

There’s a sense of guilt inside me for still going out when people are being told to stay indoors. While I could do my job standing more than 6 feet from anyone, I can’t do anything without opening doors and bumping into surfaces.

March 16, 2020

Corona Journal Day 1

I drove to a friend’s house in Trumbull, Connecticut to meet up with a couple friends for a video shoot. It was a small thing with 2 cameras and a tiny studio set up. Amid the backdrop of schools closing, sports getting cancelled, and countries shutting down, here I was meeting at a friends house as if all were normal. Beside the talk about the virus, really the only changes that occurred in the meetup were a lack of hand shaking and a lot of hand washing. I was distinctly aware of everything that I touched. We also drank bottled water, though that might have just been a convenience since we were in the basement.

One fun thing about the shoot was that we used 3 very different cameras. I had my Z Cam S6, one friend had a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K, and the other friend and talent brought out a ridiculously moldy camera from the late 80’s, which honestly required the n95 mask that he was wearing.

Later in the day, I ordered black Savage paper, stands, and other items in order to build a small 5 foot studio in the home office. This will allow me to potentially take product photos and make video content with a black backdrop.

March 14, 2020