About there, but not done! In the meantime, if you stumble across this page, just know that I’m a creative individual who likes to make pretty pictures.

I’ve got boatloads of experience sitting behind a camera, sitting off alone somewhere with an audio kit, eating snacks at the craft services table, yelling at Premiere Pro, and volleying (eventually spiking) late Friday emails with varying final versions of an edit. You know, the gamut of the video production business. But, what I’m best at is writing, and I am slowly settling in to that position as a creative director.

Oh, and then there’s Dramatic Ads. That’s the business. Think of Dramatic as a puzzle box, every piece inside as a producer, director of photography, sound recordist, editor, etc., and your project as the cover art. I leverage that network to accomplish your project.

Reach out! I’d be happy to throw around ideas.