Corona Journal

Corona Journal Day 7

Don’t touch anything!

I visited a client’s location for photos today. Great pains were taken to keep everyone well over 6 feet from each other. I opened just one door and did it with my jacket sleeve.

The guilt is strong here while taking photos. If I wear gloves and take dozens of precautions, am I still unknowingly spreading the disease? More likely than not, I could be. One misspoken plosive word or a dirty finger on a light switch could mean sickness for the next person. So that guilt feeling is justified. If you come across this blog post, please understand that I am writing here honestly and that it does not feel good to be writing this. But, I bet I’m not alone with these thoughts. On one end, as someone currently in the “gig economy,” finishing up non-cancelled jobs feels like a necessity. It’s income. There is no working from home or paid leave. On the other end, there is the risk of being a super spreader.

More than a dozen events have been cancelled so far. I expect all of the rest will fall through in the next couple of days.

March 20, 2020

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