Corona Journal

Corona Journal Day 6

Physical therapy day! Let’s get personal here. Not really. As someone who spends a lot of time at a desk and behind a heavy camera, I have inevitably gained a few bodily quirks that require a physical therapist. As a car needs a mechanic, I need someone to tell me my hips are misaligned.

Let’s go over some quick hits from what I remember.

  • I stayed inside my car after arriving because an elderly woman was getting out of the car next to me.
  • A man exiting the liquor store by the PT office was carrying a 24-pack of Corona beer. I bet it was for one of those “Corona parties” that people are having.
  • The PT informed me that the office will be shutting down for a few weeks to clean up and keep their customers (clients?) safe.
  • At the office, I made a great effort not to cough, clear my throat, or rest my face in one of their undoubtably clean pillows.
  • All everyone could talk about in the office was the emotional impact of the virus on businesses and work.
  • Every surface that I touched was almost immediately cleaned with something from a spray bottle. Even the yoga balls!

The PTs in the office were emotionally exhausted after having a long morning discussion on whether or not to shut down the business for a period of time. It’s hard for them because their customers (again, clients?) depend on them for regular checkups and adjustments.

The PT gave me a longer appointment than usual today.

March 19, 2020

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