Corona Journal

Corona Journal Day 3

I brought a bottle of hand sanitizer. Frequently, while using the bathroom, I’d think about how who last touched the sink and how I could escape the room without touching a surface that someone else had touched. Methods used were paper towels on door knobs, wrists on the sink faucet, and elbows on the soap dispenser.

We broke at noon to order lunch. Matt brought out a menu for a Chinese restaurant down the street and we spent a few minutes picking what to eat. He called, but got no answer. The restaurant was closed. Google Maps showed it as open. That was different.

While he went off to find food, I headed over to Wendy’s for a salad (FYI Wendy’s salads don’t taste like fast food). The person who took my card and handed me the food wore gloves. I can’t remember if she had on a mask.

Nuggets were disappointing.

There’s a sense of guilt inside me for still going out when people are being told to stay indoors. While I could do my job standing more than 6 feet from anyone, I can’t do anything without opening doors and bumping into surfaces.

March 16, 2020

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