Corona Journal

Corona Journal Day 1

I drove to a friend’s house in Trumbull, Connecticut to meet up with a couple friends for a video shoot. It was a small thing with 2 cameras and a tiny studio set up. Amid the backdrop of schools closing, sports getting cancelled, and countries shutting down, here I was meeting at a friends house as if all were normal. Beside the talk about the virus, really the only changes that occurred in the meetup were a lack of hand shaking and a lot of hand washing. I was distinctly aware of everything that I touched. We also drank bottled water, though that might have just been a convenience since we were in the basement.

One fun thing about the shoot was that we used 3 very different cameras. I had my Z Cam S6, one friend had a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K, and the other friend and talent brought out a ridiculously moldy camera from the late 80’s, which honestly required the n95 mask that he was wearing.

Later in the day, I ordered black Savage paper, stands, and other items in order to build a small 5 foot studio in the home office. This will allow me to potentially take product photos and make video content with a black backdrop.

March 14, 2020

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