Video Editing

Low-Bitrate Ingest Proxies for Premiere Pro

The default ingest settings inside the Adobe Premiere Pro Ingest Settings tab are not very good, especially on a PC where Pro Res is not an option. To fix this, I created two presets within Adobe Media Encoder that convert footage, either 23.976 fps or 59.94 fps, down to 1080p DNX LB proxies at a target bitrate of 36 Mb/s.

Update: Apple Pro Res proxies are now available inside Adobe Media Encoder on Windows operating systems. If you’d like to know how to add your own custom proxies, please read on.

For file sizes at bitrates of 200Mb/s and higher, these proxy presets have saved a lot of time in the edit.

To add these presets to your Ingest Settings, follow these steps.

1. Download the presets and save them somewhere other than your downloads folder.

2. Open the Project Settings dialogue in Adobe Premiere Pro and click on the Ingest Settings Tab.

3. Click “Add Ingest Preset” and highlight the file you want to add.

4. Once added, the dialogue will look like this. Accept and close the dialogue.

5. Open the Media Browser panel (Window > Media Browser) and click the box beside Ingest to enable proxies.

6. Locate your footage and bring it into your project.

7. Adobe Media Encoder will open and automatically begin making the proxies.

Any exports that you do will use the original files (so don’t move them) instead of the proxies. You can also disable proxies any time while you’re editing. I go over this in more detail in an article about creating proxies that fit your workflow.

These proxies are great for a non-destructive multi-user workflow. Just save the Premiere file in the cloud alongside the proxies. Anyone can access the entire project from a link.

Happy editing!

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