Have you defined your line?

You’re never lost when you have a line to follow. Just look at your feet and take notice of the red ribbon trailing out ahead of you, over a street, underneath a car, onward as far as you can see. Just follow that and you’ll get to where you need to go.

Last week, while listening to Megan Tan’s podcast “Millennial” on the afternoon drive home, I worked up the courage to write this on a note:

Scriptwriter and/or film producer for a TV studio like HBO, Netflix, and Amazon.

It’s not necessarily the work as a scriptwriter or film producer that excites me. I know it’s rough, that there are long hours involved, and that the fruit of all that labor comes at the end. It is the people that excite me. To me, after partaking in dozens of writing workshops and film slams, there is nothing more fulfilling than working with people who actively share the same passions.

Also, given the “and/or” in the note, not everything is worked out yet. But, this is my line. I have my line. I have something concrete to work toward and can now begin to filter out the things that do not add to it.

I have never had the courage to say what it is that I want to do. I have always skirted around a rough idea of it, like firing arrows off into the woods saying, “I’ll hit something, eventually.”

What are the odds, though, of hitting anything? The odds are greater that I’ll hit something that I don’t want to hit. I’ll get an arrow stuck in a tree. I’ll waste arrows that way.

But now I know something about myself. I know my aim, my direction, my line.

What is your line? Have you defined it?

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