Jazz rehearsal at University of Connecticut.

Who am I?

I am a creative director. I make digital content that stirs emotion, that uplifts, and that brings people together.

And I do not take shortcuts.

Call me broken, but ever since I heard about going the extra mile and learned its meaning through hard work, I have not been able to do anything less.

What can I do for you?

I help brands, influencers, and restaurants make digital content for social media and web-based advertising.

Go the traditional route with photography or reach for the cutting-edge with viral video content, branded short films, virtual reality, augmented reality, binaural audio, or whatever is on the horizon.

Want to know what is out there?

Person-of-interest style interview for Yuval David in New York City.
Narrative “Summer School” for Connecticut Filmworks.
Spotlight series for professors at University of Connecticut.

How am I different?

Digital content more than ever requires the tightest attention to how emotion is conveyed in the shortest amount of time and smallest amount of screen space possible.

Photos often do not cut it anymore, and that is why I explore all avenues of digital content to discover what may work best for you.

Aubrey Yandow’s interview setup for Instagram TV.

When you have less than a second to grab a customer’s attention, the content must not just be eye-catching but emotionally fullfilling such that the customer remembers, shares, and acts on it. The latter is the goal of the content in the first place.

But, creatives frequently put aside the emotional aspect in pursuit of what is eye-catching, which results in a pretty picture not attuned to the goals of the client.

I am all about the emotion, and as I wrote above, I am bent toward producing it to its maximum potential.

Video course for Amber Jones.
B-roll footage gathering at Yale University.
Photography at University of Connecticut.

I aim to produce content that uplifts and brings people together. Special attention is given to brands, influencers, and restaurants with a focus on the environment or social justice.

Okay, but what do you really do?

Frame from footage of Makers (2020).

I spend my time behind a camera or a desk. Recently I have been editing for an online tech site, Creator Coffee Shop, and producing episode one of the documentary series Makers (2020) on Damascus steel cutlery.